Former home of Los Molinos de Sipán where farmers and consumers met with a toast and a conversation

The best product

It should be noted that the founder Jesús Escario belongs to the tasting panel of Bajo Aragón from the day it was created to the present day. The facility was designed and built with the main objective of obtaining a fruit juice, which is EVOO, and not a vegetable fat, taking maximum care of the environment and being highly sustainable.

Effort, Sacrifice and Work

From humility, effort and sacrifice Aceites Escario has changed its extraction method to adapt to the new times, always maintaining a premise that has passed from generation to generation: “work, work and work”. With the work, effort and sacrifice as a basis, Aceites Escario has a highly qualified and technical working group in the handling of the olive, extraction of the oil and packaging of the same.

Our main pillars

Take care of the farmer by offering the best price with absolute seriousness and so, that same affection, the farmer invests it in the care of our valuable raw material, the olive.

Try to convey to the consumer our love for EVOO, olives, olive groves and the environment around us; love that we try to reflect by teaching our buildings and production processes.