An awesome background in the olive sector leads Aceites Escario to built in 2019 a new mill to replace the traditional one in Los Molinos de Sipán.

The new Mill

With Jesús Escario at the helm, in the mill the machines are installed with the most cutting-edge technology that exists in the extraction of oil as well as in the handling of oil and olives so that the result is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality. Priority is given to the construction of a highly sustainable mill integrated into the environment around us, using high technology that has an impact on EVOO.

The traditional mill

After many years of work, this mill was small to supply the current demand for extra virgin olive oil that had Aceites Escario, in addition the extraction machinery became obsolete, becoming the last traditional mill that operated intensively to seek the profitability of its production in the province of Huesca.