Our history

The Escario family, a family of agricultural-livestock tradition from the small village of Aguas, began its career in the olive sector in 1978 by Don José Maria Calvo, in the traditional mill of Los Molinos de Sipán, Sierra de Guara, where there is a centuries-old olive growing tradition and where a very high quality olive juice is extracted. That emerges from indigenous varieties.

  • 1850

    In the nineteenth century, the cultivation of the olive tree was predominant in all the regions located in Sierra de Guara, and although it is not known exactly since its exploitation, in the middle of the century, in Los Molinos de Sipán there was a small mill its driving force were oxen and the oil was extracted by a oil press, very similar to one you can visit at the Viñedo Museum.
  • 1938

    The civil war shook the mill and was destroyed alongside the village of Los Molinos de Sipán.
  • 1945

    After years of hard work, Don José Maria Calvo went back to his house and got up the mill in his native village, Los Molinos de Sipán. In this campaign, the current traditional mill of Los Molinos de Sipán was inaugurated and will work continuously until 2019, almost 75 years of hard work and effort.
  • 1978

    The mill, and Los Molinos de Sipan village, were an economic engine in this area, and as such it needs a lot of staff. That year, a young man as young as 20 years old works as a mill worker at nights, as part of a large harvest campaign. Without knowing the relevance of this fact, begins his walk in this exciting world Jesus Escario, current founder of Aceites Escario.
  • 1982

    After four uninterrupted campaigns of work in the mill, Don José Maria Calvo is no stranger to the know-how, dedication and good work that our founder develops in the mill, and after the end of the campaign, he believes that Jesus Escario is ready to take charge of the mill of Los Molinos de Sipán. At this time, a small farmer of Aguas, begins to manage the mill of Los Molinos de Sipán with Don José Maria who has always exercised an indispensable work of teaching about Jesus.
  • 1993

    Jesus Escario chooses to name this oils Los Molinos de Sipán.
  • 2017

    The good work of many years was profitable Don José Maria’s mill becomes small and obsolete, so it is decided to build a new one. The traditional mill of Los Molinos de Sipán will be the last one that works intensively to seek the profitability of its production in Huesca area.
  • 2019

    A new mill is launched great joy, a joy that contrasted with the nostalgia of knowing that it was the last year that the traditional mill crushed its last “feet”.

  • 2020

    The brand Escario Olive Oils is created. With the step towards technology, efficiency and durability that is being done with the new mill, where the latest technology that exists for optimal processing of our olive juice is installed, it is decided to modernize the image of the company.