Old house of Los Molinos de Sipán where farmers and consumers met for a toast and conversation


It should be noted that the founder Jesus Escario has been part of the tasting panel of Lower Aragon since the day it was created. The facility was designed and built with the main purpose of obtaining a fruit juice, which is the AOVE, and not a vegetable fat, taking care of the environment and being very sustainable.


Since humility, effort and slaughtering Skirmish oils has changed its method of extraction to adapt to new times, always maintaining a premise that has passed from generation to generation: "work, work and work". With work, effort and slaughter as a basis, Escarmement Oils has a highly skilled and technical working group in olive handling, oil extraction and packaging.


Take care of the farmer by offering the best possible price with absolute seriousness and therefore, this same affection, the farmer invests him in the care of our precious raw material, the olive. Try to transmit to the consumer our love of AOVE, the olive, the olive tree and the environment around us; love that we try to reflect by showing our facilities and production processes.